WordPress and E-commerce Development

WordPress and E-commerce Development

WordPress is an open source platform that uses PHP Coding. It is one of the most popular CMS used around the world and majorly used for blogs, social networking, and e-commerce applications. It is incredibly popular because of the features and functionality it offers as back end. WordPress provides world's most popular blogging platform which is quite affordable, flexible, easy to use, and easily crawled by all major search engines.

WordPress is an open source of content management system (CMS) that is very commonly used for blogs. It is quite easy to install and set up on a website for any business. It is also very easy to use requiring no knowledge of the development code to a basic level. With its ease of use, WordPress is a blog publishing application most used in today's world. WordPress is powered by PHP with MySQL, which combines the power of server-side with a database to store and retrieve information that is updated in real-time programming. Its internal structure allows users to add multiple comments, if desired, with an integrated editorial approval process. It also has a clean internal link structure that strips file extensions from a page and is search engine friendly. In WordPress, it is the file extension or.php no.html displayed in the sub-pages of your site.

Wordpress website solutions :

  • WordPress design, development
  • WordPress CMS development
  • WordPress Ecommerce services
  • WordPress blog development
  • WordPress E-commerce Plugin install
  • WordPress E-commerce Plugin basic settings
  • Adding Product categories
  • Adding Product and Configure the Product Data
  • Payment Gateways Integration

WordPress and E-commerce Development

WordPress Website Development helps you to get faster desired results and to maintain the quality of your website with tailor made solutions like, interactive and informational widgets, database driven applications, WordPress e-commerce plug-ins,ease of API integration and extended installations, WordPress SEO plug-in, etc. Approximately 15% of the largest websites in the world use WordPress as a platform to manage content. WordPress is mostly free and supported by the community with tons of plug-ins to add features and functionality. Functionality and ease of use of WordPress pushed forward to competing platforms such as Joomla CMS and Drupal.

But if you want to go beyond in code or integrate a pre-developed blog into an existing website, in this case WordPress manipulation is not easy. It takes time, experience, expertise, and sound knowledge of HTML and PHP code with MYSql. That's why WordPress custom design services can come and help individuals. It gives you all the ease and access of management and functionality while giving you your own theme / design to fit a company logo and desired colors in a business site or any other site you want to develop or create.


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