Software Development and Maintenance

Software Development and Maintenance

Our Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services empower enterprises through responsive global software teams and versatile application architecture. Our proven application maintenance model also helps organizations maximize the value of existing IT applications through maintainability analysis, responsive services, and application enhancement. We think differently from other developers and specially focus on user interface which others don't and only put their efforts on making the code clever. The most important part is user interface in application development as it allows people to understand the problem domain to work with the application without having any deep knowledge of the technology.

Our experts create effective user interfaces on time and within the decided budget. We also customize our application development services as per customer's needs.

Software Services Includes :

  • Application Development
  • User Support
  • Documentation
  • On-going Maintenance
  • Bug Fixing
  • Testing Services
  • Root cause analysis
  • Enhancements

Software Development and Maintenance

In an ever changing environment where software applications and technologies are getting modified or updated frequently, "Kreative Demons" stays abreast of the latest innovations and changes in the software industry. Our focus on the people, technologies, tools, domain knowledge and best practices are the fundamental values and strengths of our organization. The methodologies that we use are time-tested, rugged models complete with the right teams, technical skill-sets and management that are committed and driven to deliver projects and services on time, on budget and as per your specification. Our domain experts ensure that they first understand the technical and management challenges before they define the requirements to achieve the identified goal.

We have a team of experienced developers and designers who are proficient to take up any project , task , system, understand it completely and start its maintenance cycle within 90 days.


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