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Bulk SMS, Bulk Email And IVR Services

These days, short message services called SMS having its own reputation to stay ahead in competitive world. Our SMS marketing services through "Kreative Demons" allows your company to create send and track your text message marketing campaigns. We Provide SMS Services to corporates and individuals. Our Bulk SMS solutions are focused at generating consistent leads and business to our valuable clients from diverse background. We provide entire end-to-end Bulk SMS Service for the development and promotion of your business. Today, Bulk SMS service is the latest marketing trend and it will allow you to communicate with your clients, employees and potential customers.

Email Marketing Services

One Email sent to group of recipients is known as Bulk Email. We are in the Modern Era where every body has a mail id. Bulk email concept is used by companies or individuals or businesses. Companies use the bulk email for direct marketing their product or services with their customers to gain more business. The individual can use this mailing for his personal use like sending, invitating to friends, inviting for celebrations and etc…The number of email may vary.

Email marketing is one of the best effective and inexpensive and time saving way for the business people to communicate with its customers to share their updates. Our updating products or services reach the clients in the a very efficient manner. When it comes to call center outsourcing and 24 hours call centers service speed and accuracy are essential for the success of your business in a highly digital world. Information is power for your customer and you need to tap this trend to stay ahead of your competition.

Bulk SMS, Bulk Email And IVR Services Includes :

  • Email, Newsletter
  • Product promotion
  • Send invitation
  • Service promotion
  • Announcement to everyone
  • Customers swift, available solutions
  • Easier access to feedback
  • Reduction in cost to company

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